Your Achievements Viewer

(old version name: Steam Achivements Viewer)

Download from Microsoft Store.

This is a simple application that displays your information in the "Steam". Information that can be displayed in your self-introduction, the game that you've played recently, the game you have, and is the current state of your friend.

When you tap the game that has been displayed in the list, you will see a list of track record that has been released in the game.

Prepare to use the application

The following preparation is required to use this application.

You have a Steam account and your profile information is Public.

  1. Log in to the Steam website and press the "Edit Profile" button on your profile screen.
  2. Select "My Privacy Settings" on the profile screen and set the profile, game details and friend list settings to "Public".

Get Web API Key.

Get the Web API Key for your account at the following URL:

In the key configuration screen, you enter the domain name of the web site where you want to use this key. If you run an application that uses the Steam API on your website, enter that domain. Otherwise, enter any domain that is not from another person.

The issued key will be displayed on the next screen. Enter this key on the setup screen of this application.


List of Games, Friends, and Achievements can sort by drop-down list at top of the list. Select the order of sorting from the following:

Game list

by Steam
In order of items acquired from "Steam" website.
by Name
In order of game names.
by Unlocked
In order of achievement unlock achievement rate.
by Playing Time
In order of the total time you played the game.

Friends list

by Steam
In order of items acquired from "Steam" website.
by Name
In order of friend names.
by Playing Game
The current online state of the friend or the name of the game currently playing.

Achievements list (in Detail of game screen)

by Steam
In order of items acquired from "Steam" website.
by Unlocked Date
The order of the date of unlocking the achievement.
by Name
In order of label of achievement.
by Description
In order of description of achievement.

Application setting

When you tap the gear mark of the menu, to display the settings screen.

User ID or Custom URL
Enter the account name to be displayed in the application. Here you enter the following XXX part of the custom URL.
Steam Web API Key
Set your web API key obtained from Steam web site.
Achievement Language
Set the language name to your device's default language (for example, if you want to display Japanese results in an English environment) when viewing game results. Leave blank to display in the default language.
Refresh Into Automatically when Transition Screen
If you set this switch on to automatically download the latest state when you start the application. If you set off, and then download the latest state only when you press the refresh button.
Delete Cache Contents
When you tap this button. delete internal cache data about downloaded achievement.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy about this application.