DnD Image Viewer

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This application opens an image file. You can open a single file, all the images in the selected folder, and images in the zip file.

To open the image, do one of the following:

  1. Select "Open File" in the menu and select one or more images.
  2. Select "Open Folder" in the menu and select a folder. All the images in the folder are opened.
  3. Drop image file or folder in application (desktop only)


Keep open images in memory
When the folder is opened, the loaded image is held in the memory. When this switch is on, the operation becomes faster, but occupies a lot of memory and the operation becomes unstable.
Image expantion / redution range
Pinch in and pinch out to set the range of image magnification that can be changed.
Codepage in zip-file
When opening a zip file, set the code page of the file name contained in the zip file. For example, for Japanese, set 932 (shiift-jis). If you do not know the code page number, you can convert by entering the encoding name in the text box and pressing the "convert" button.

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