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What's this app?

This is the simplest text editor. This application is a simple wrapper around EditText that Android implements as standard.

Reading and saving files use Storage Access Framework provided by Android, so you can access Google Drive as well as SD card.


Create a new file. The text currently being edited will be erased.
Open a text file. Opens a file selection dialog where you can choose from an SD card, Google Drive, or other storage services installed on your device.
Overwrites and saves the text file currently being edited. This menu can only be selected for files opened with the "Open" menu.
Save As
Name and save the file currently being edited. The files can be stored on an SD card or an online storage service installed on the device.
Change application settings. You can set the encoding for opening the file.
Displays application version information.


You can change application settings on this screen.

You can set the encoding name when opening the file. Check the check box to automatically determine the encoding from the file contents. Automatic judgment works correctly only for Japanese files (Shift-JIS, EUC-JP, UTF-8N).

If you set the wrong encoding name, you will not be able to open the file. If you cannot restore the original settings, press the "RECOVERY DEFAULT SETTING" button to return to the default values.

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