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What's this app?

This is an application to open the log file (Garmin GPX format or KML format) saved by the GPS logger and preview it on the map. A simple editing function has been implemented, and unnecessary parts of the log can be deleted, and dense points recorded when not moving can be removed.

Note: This application can not record your location using GPS. Log recording requires a separate application, or a GPS device that can output log files. (The developers of this application are using Garmin Foretrex 301)

How to Use

After launching the application, open the log file first. Tap "Open" at the top right of the screen.

The file is opened using the application installed on the device. In the standard state of many devices "Files" and "Drive" can be used. Besides this, I also confirmed that it can be read from the "OneDrive" application.

Files that can be read properly are the Garmin GPX format, or the KML format that can be used with Google Maps, and the file extension must be set correctly. If it has a file name (eg example.gpx.xml) it will not load properly and will crash.

If the log file is successfully opened, a list of route information recorded in the file is displayed. If you read a GPX file, multiple routes may be displayed. If you select one from this list, a preview of the route information is displayed.

The route information preview can be switched by pressing the "Polyline" "Markers" button.

By operating the two sliders on the screen, you can specify the range of two points in the route. You can edit the selected area from the menu on the upper right of the screen.

Edit Track

You can edit the route from the menu at the top right of the screen.

Change the name of the currently displayed route.
Removes dense points in the selected range on the route. Enter the distance in the dialog box and delete the point whose distance from the previous point is shorter than the distance specified here.
Delete the selected point on the route.
Save As
Saves the currently displayed route information to a file. The supported format is only KML format. The specification of the file to save uses other applications (Android standard "Files" "Drive" or OneDrive and other file launcher applications).

Notes: Depending on the specifications of the application used to save the file, an extension may be automatically added when the file is saved. (Example: example.kml → example.kml.txt) This is a specification of the selected application, and we are currently investigating how to respond.

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